Top 6 SEO Rank Reporting Platforms

SEO as an industry has been going through tremendous growth over the past decade. It’s one of the very few marketing tactics that has a high return on investment for small and big businesses alike. For starters, unlike online ads that are susceptible to ad blocking software, online user are not in a position of blocking SEO. Additionally, since SEO focuses on search terms that people are already searching for, more often than not, SEO provides a higher conversion rate.

SEO concept with searching icons and graph

However, this is only true when certain conditions are met. One of these conditions is the use and ranking of appropriate terms in the pages you try to rank. With this in mind, it is always useful to determine the performance of the pages of your website in the search results. To fulfill this need, SEOs usually turn to ranking tracking platforms in the form of downloadable software or browser extensions. If you’re looking for a keyword rank tracking software, here are five of the best rank tracking platforms on the market.

#1. SEMrush – SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO Tools platform, giving SEO practitioners a plethora of features that they can use to rank their websites, analyze competition, and track their ranking. This platform is particularly designed to track keyword-based ranking on your web pages, giving insight on the performance of the various keywords in each page.

The combination of the keyword tracking feature and other features make is amply capable of meeting the needs of both SEO novices as well as professionals. It comes with a trial version, which you can use to test its performance.

#2. SEO Book Rank Checker – This tracker is a browser extension based tracker developed for installation on Firefox browsers. It is well regarded for its simplistic approach to rank tracking. It loads a rank checker window from which users can perform their rank checking. However, to ensure that all that the features this extension comes with work perfectly, it is advised that users make of a VPN/VPS. The browser extension is free.

#3. Market Samurai – Market Samurai is a downloadable software that works on both Windows and Mac. It is perfectly optimized to offer rank checking functionality in an easy to understand and efficient platform. However, it also has other features that improve your SEO endeavor, including Keyword research function and competitor analysis.

#4. Autographic Insight – This is a higher-end software, which allows agencies to customize their reporting. The amount of customization is only limited to the imagination of the firm requesting a platform to be designed for their needs. It is intended primarily as an SEO reporting tool, making it much more client-friendly than many other SEO reporting tools which cater more to the SEO professional, himself.

Screenshot of SEO Dashboard with Graphs

Autographic Insight SEO Reporting Dashboard

#5. Moz Rank Tracking – This is another platform that is a favorite among professionals. It allows you to easily setup rank tracking functions by adding web pages and the keywords you are trying to rank. Additionally, it comes with an Open Site Explorer, which improves your ability to perform SEO. There is a 30-day free trial for Moz Rank Tracking.

#6. Rank Tracker – The Rank Tracker software is one of the most competent and comprehensive rank tracking software we have in the SEO realm. The software provides the most up-date ranking information for your analysis. As a show of its robustness, it supports 593 local and international search engines. Another discerning feature is the scheduling of automatic rank checks. Additionally, users can analyze the ranking history of web pages.

Rank Tracker comes in two versions. Rank Tracker Enterprise that focuses on providing ranking information to SEO companies and professionals and the Rank Tracker Pro that focuses on providing ranking information to bloggers, businesses and SEO novices.

You should note that this list is by no means conclusive. There are plenty of other rank tracking platforms out there. However, these are platforms which provide ample features and perform exemplarily.